Wildfowl Carving
Yvan Dufour
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Yvan Dufour - Wildfowl carving

Yvan Dufour

Yvan Dufour was born in Saint luce-sur-mer, Quebec in 1947 and now lives in Laval, Quebec. Drawing, painting and woodcarving began as a simple hobby but subsequently became his passion. Particularly intrigued by wildfowl, he has expanded his woodcarving repertoire to include ducks, raptors as well as a wide variety of North American birds. Over the years, his pieces have become a reflection of his personality. He has participated in numerous contests in Quebec and in the United States, where he has received several awards and honours for the quality, accuracy and realism of his works. In recent years, he has had the opportunity to teach the subtleties and secrets of sculpting to others for whom sculpting is a passion. Whether they are beginners or established artists, they are all seeking techniques with which to improve and master this form of art. From hummingbirds to eagles, wild fowls provide Yvan Dufour with a multitude of subjects to create art pieces that reflect his talent and passion.

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Each piece is unique, made from tupelo wood and painted with acrylic.

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Cell: 514-771-5588

Common Kingfisher

American avocet

Red-headed barbet

Red-headed woodpecker

Grey jay

Eastern Screech Owl

Western Kingbird

American Redstart

Blackburnian Warbler

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Indigo Bunting

Peregrine Falcon

Black-necked Grebe

American Goldfinch

Common Kingfisher

Baltimore Oriole


Blackburnian Warbler

Black-throated Blue Warbler

Eastern Blue Bird

Belted Kingfisher

Downy Woodpecker

Northern Barred Owl (miniature)

Northern Saw-whet Owl

American Kestrel

Mountain Bluebird

Red-tailed Hawk

Cliff Swallow

Blue Jay

Black-capped Chickadee

Snowy Owl

Steller's Jay

Great Blue Heron

American Yellow Warbler

Barn Owl

American Bison and Emperor Penguin

Black-capped Chickadee


Common Merganser


Great Gray Shrike

Pied-billed Grebe

Wild Turkey


Hooded Merganser

American Kestrel


Sharp-shinned Hawk


Red Crossbill

Common Teal

Great Horned Owl

Brown Thrasher

European Bee-eater

Cardinal male and female


Bald Eagle


Wood Duck

Ruby-crowned Kinglet (male)

Northern Barred Owl

Greater Roadrunner


Common Loon

American Woodcock


Inca Jay

Northern Saw-whet Owl


Dark-bellied Brant


Mountain Bluebird

Harris's Hawk

American Black Duck

Broad-winged Hawk


Ruby-crowned Kinglet (female)


A few of the awards obtained over the years ...

  • Hunting, fishing & camping Show, Montreal

    2013 - Master Division - Raptors: 1st prize.

    2012 - Master Division - Raptors: 1st prize.

    Songbirds: 2nd prize.

    2011 - Master Category - Raptors: 1st & 2nd prize.

    Songbirds: 1st prize & mention.

    2010 - Master Category - Raptors: Mention

    Songbirds: Mention

    2009 - Expert Category - Songbirds: 3rd prize.

    Waterbirds: 2nd prize.

    Raptors: 1st prize.

    All categories: 1st prize.

    2008 - Expert Category - Songbirds: 2nd & 3rd prize.

    Best of competition : 3rd prize.

    2007 - Expert Category - Songbirds: 1st & 2nd prize.

    2006 - Best of competition: 1st prize.

    Raptors: 1st prize.

    All categories: 1st prize.

  • Ottawa Wood Show

    2012 - Raptors: 1st prize.

    2009 - Open Category: 1st prize.

    All categories: 1st prize.

    2006 - Open Category - Raptors: 1st prize.

    Open Category - Songbirds: 2nd & 3rd prize.

  • Concours passion sculpture

    2012 - Division open - Songbirds: 2nd prize.

  • Canadian National Wildfowl - Carving competition

    2010 - Open Category - Raptors: 3rd prize.

  • Quebec Wildfowl Carving Contest

    2004 - Expert Category: 1st & 2nd prize.

    2003 - Expert Category: 1st prize.

    2001 - Intermediate Category: 3rd prize.

  • Ward World Championship Carving Competition Ocean City, Maryland

    2009 - Intermediate Category: 1st prize.

    2008 - Bench Class Category: 2nd prize.

    2007 - Intermediate Category miniature: 2nd prize and mention.

    2006 - Intermediate Category: 1st & 3rd prize.

    2005 - Raptors: 1st prize.

    Best of division - novice: 3rd prize.


Woodcarving lessons

You like wood and the wildlife?

Are you looking for a special and exciting hobby? Then woodcarving is for you!

Results after just a few lessons ..

After a few lessons, some observations and research, you will see new shapes that they will amaze you.

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For more information please contact me: info@yvandufour.com
Phone: (450)625-5588
Cell: 514-771-5588


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